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Put your prospecting on autopilot. Let AI source local business leads that need your services and automatically import them directly to your  prospecting workflows. 

Find the Companies That Need Your Services

Google Business Profile Services

Easily find businesses that have unclaimed Google My Business profiles.

Website Development

Quickly source local businesses that don’t have a published website. Use our AI Site Builder to build them a website in seconds.

Reputation Management

Filter businesses with high volume of customer reviews with a low average rating.

Efficient Lead Generation

Easily locate leads based on relevant criteria, saving time and energy spent on searching for local businesses and contacts manually.

Customizable Searches

Customize your search criteria based on the specific type of business and location you need to find the right customers for your business.

Lead Targeting

With Map Leads, you can target your lead more strategically, and improve your sales conversion rate. Find businesses with or without unclaimed GMB profiles, with or without a website, target a specific average rating or number of reviews and more.

Enrich Business Profiles

Find available information about a specific business by enriching it. With a single click MapLeads finds available email addresses and social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Each profile has a screenshot of the businesses website.

Automated Campaigns

This feature is the secret weapon to growing your agency with ease. Set your filters, pick the locations and let our AI powered prospecting engine get to work importing acurate contact info directly into your CRM with tags to flow through your prospecting workflows all on autopilot.

AI Powered One Click Website Builder

Build a business a new website in just one click. Using the power of AI, you can build a fully customized website for a local business. Learn more here.


“Map Leads is a game-changing SaaS product that has revolutionized the way I find local prospects. Its comprehensive search functionality, coupled with its focus on Google My Business profile management, reputation management, and website design, has significantly boosted my prospecting efforts. With an intuitive interface and excellent customer support, Map Leads is an indispensable tool for any business looking to thrive in today’s competitive digital landscape.”

Matt Barden

Founder | SEOptiks

With Map Leads, finding and connecting with potential customers has never been easier. The platform’s powerful search capabilities enable me to identify my target audience swiftly, ensuring that my marketing and prospecting efforts are focused on the right prospects. By streamlining the search process and providing advanced filtering options, Map Leads saves me valuable time and resources.

Mark Manuel

Co-Founder | Industrial Marketing

One of the standout features of Map Leads is its ability to identify customers who are in dire need of Google My Business profile management, reputation management, and website design. This has been a game-changer for my business, as I can effortlessly connect with clients who are actively seeking these services. Map Leads effectively bridges the gap between businesses and customers, resulting in increased visibility and higher conversion rates.

Lee Goff

CEO | Marketing Agency Coach

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